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_-1^(0) by moonlit-daydream _-1^(0) :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 2 1
I don't give birth to people without shadows.
you have a bookcase so full you have to stack books in the empty spaces between shelves
and each one adds another world to the multitude that already exist in your mind.
you try to optimize your walking path because for some reason you feel each step you take
is meaningful and driving you towards or away from something that isn't meaningful at all.
It doesn't hurt that you tend to memorize the places you visit so well you could
traverse them blinded and still not walk into anything, a ghost could do the same.
you think math was a real form of magic, just like chemistry was once alchemy.
you measure mugs by how high you can count before the tea reaches the perfect level,
on good days you get over 127, some days you forget to count.
but it's like you have a measure of the universe in your heart that no one else has,
living your days like poems from a forgotten tome, forgotten like your morning dreams.
each moment, a memory to be lived in as you live it, and then forever after.
salty seas
:iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 2 0
Fence by moonlit-daydream Fence :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 1 0 Blue by moonlit-daydream Blue :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 3 0 Remnant by moonlit-daydream Remnant :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 0 0 FeatherScar by moonlit-daydream FeatherScar :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 0 0 becoming butterflies by moonlit-daydream becoming butterflies :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 1 0
Dreamcatchers don't work
   lying on the carpet,................worn out,
  like stones in a river,............a voice within
   skin soaked with sadness..........shed softly away
   like streetlamps glow and.........then came back like
 newborn dreams grow catching.........moths that reflect
in feathered eyes that fly on........moonlight on the water.
¬ A.Whisper
:iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 3 3
Once upon a time by moonlit-daydream Once upon a time :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 0 0
draw me into your stories
star kissed and from another life
fold me into crevices
of your forgotten loneliness
keep me for those days it rains
ink on those tattered tapestries
tailored to your skin
because memories aren't cheap
I hadn't thought to ask
for your abashed and broken
key back
But I didn't think you'd use it
to lock yourself away.
¬ A.Whisper
:iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 4 2
love note by moonlit-daydream love note :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 2 0 ID by moonlit-daydream ID :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 0 0 Doggy in the Window by moonlit-daydream Doggy in the Window :iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 0 0
I love nights like this
Just incessant murmurations,
Air lifting at my head,
World winds
So demanding
Of their incantations
Pockets of sky
Having their way with me,
Running through my hair,
Penetrating my clothes,
To close my eyes
I can taste the storm
Like you can taste fear,
The moisture of it
Whipping around you,
Though there is no storm,
You run like there is
Nights like this
I swear I can feel
The feathers of my wings...
¬ A.Whisper
:iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 3 1
Winter Writ
the longest night
awake with light cast frosting from the moon
with silent mice
and rabbit kin roaming foam of that within
the tween of darkest noon,
to be in bed
when all is said under headboards
looming, weaving stories
dancing magic into dreams
of grand ballrooms
dressed as forests
bright with hope and
delicate seams the like
of creamy silver city skies
rise rows of trees
holding silver platters
bearing fruit and blood
wiser in spirit
to the chilling warm toast
our winter has here writ
¬ A.Whisper
:iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 0 0
tell me
You ask me
do my words cut
cloth like burning edges do
to tremble you
to suffocate
with blue air
against warm skin
what will you do?
you ask me
light like firenight
in your eyes
drink tea,
and pour myself slowly until the cup is gone
like silver tainted wine, my blue butterfly,
will you flutter again for me?
¬ A.Whisper
:iconmoonlit-daydream:moonlit-daydream 0 1


ID. by vvinter-flowers ID. :iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 6 7
you ask, and they'll give you the moon.
(and i won't
see you
in the morning)
so i start up
the glow and
pull up the
63rd picture on
my phone, the one
where we melt
into each other
like a starword
i haven't yet
learned. i see
the flush in my cheeks
and the force in
my stare, and i
forgive you.    you,
goddess, you are
everything i want to be
and yet none of it
at all; this entropy
will be what i'll miss
the most when i'm gone.
(and i can't
wish time
i want
more than
to please you,
so i write
kindly this time,
let hunger guide
me towards
stanzas and
sleep.    because today
i held someone's
yearbook in my hands
and i will tell you now
that yours was the loveliest
portrait i've ever seen.
(and i don't
know what color your
eyes are)
my thumb digs down and
the screen flashes and
your hands mesh
together, and as you
sleep a city away i
write you awake,
remind myself of
the day you said
you loved me,
relive the five
hours we spent in
a whirlwind-bliss.
come another
day, come in
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 8 2
xlix. penumbra
The moon and her omnipotent force,
dictates our darkness with every phase.
She possess a glow that turns
        raindrops into glitter
        bodies into shadows
        day into night
She is humble despite having the seas at her mercy
Shy and loyal, reserving her crescent smiles to her earthly lovers
In her waking hours, she mothers every star in our sky,
keeping each constellation is at its place.
I, of all people, would know how graceful of a blessing she is.
So if the moon, who thrives in the darkness, ceases to be
the earth and its collective sadness can never compare
to the fated loneliness of the sun
who dies at every dusk
just to let his lover's lunar scars shine.
:iconvvinter-flowers:vvinter-flowers 31 20
goodnight moon
i am very sad and tired and crying wont lessen this knot 
in the space between my lungs so there is a cold marble
festering inside me someday it will implode and 
become a dead star because thats what we are,
cosmic waste and star shit
what is it like to be compared to the sun?
i was always a moon
why do boys think its okay to sink their claws 
into us and then blame girls for a chipped tooth
they dont bother to see blood-soaked bandages
under our shirts that show our shoulders
and they think we faint at the sight of red
i am very sad and tired and i wont get angry anymore
because being angry is being alive and i dont need that
right now
:iconcalliopen:calliopen 15 4
talking to the night again
you think im all cold edges and a white ceramic plate,
polished and blank-slate,
emotionless. you are a fool. i feel so deeply and ache
so darkly that i wonder at times if it is
a pain a human being could tolerate.
my heart isn't big. it is heavy and everywhere.
:iconunfaithfulstars:unfaithfulstars 67 45
Summer moon
Summer Moon (10)
Full the moon, you are tonight
Sitting quietly, silent light
A mirror of soul, you are to me
A lone light before the darkest sea
I've always felt connection true
Clouds of darkness blocking view
In times before I couldn't see
What it was you meant to me
As time goes on, the wind will blow
And then our light will brightly show
A feeling of warmth you give to me
Shining above that darkest sea
Moonlight gleaming pearly white
Off the water, reflected light
I smile to the heavens and know
The part reflected within my soul
What you touch, more like profound
When I feel, sea-spray the sound
What I yearn, more nights like these
Sitting beneath the sky and trees
:iconlarathain:Larathain 2 0
i am sun, you are star, the moon is our song
my teeth are weak and ash,
i see myself in the tongue of the sea,
irony grinds itself into my
salt water peppers my lips
we speak in a patois that has me reeling
and moonshine lines the collarbone of the world,
dips behind the horizon,
snakes into the sunlight and kisses the flowers awake.
:iconunfaithfulstars:unfaithfulstars 22 14
She Is Everything I Dream Of
Before I even fall asleep my dreams start and I can tell you they’re even better than the ones created by my subconscious. Even the best of me can’t compare to the worst of you. I know you’re unhappy with yourself and I am unhappy with myself too but you made happiness seem so accesible and simple. It’s not the thought of rejection, you not seeing me the way I see you, but of being with you that scares me. In the past you told me you loved bad puns but now I doubt if you calling my puns bad should offend me or delight me I guess it became a little bit of both. That day at the beach you threw me in the water, softly, and you probably didn’t realize that was the second time I fell for you that day. Noticing the way you worry over me when I am only slightly upset or ill gives me the comfort of knowing you won’t ever make me cry even though I expect to still shed a lot of tears because of you. Apparently I am your type but I felt like you implied you wan
:icondrizzlinghurricane:drizzlinghurricane 3 6
Halsey Knows You Well
i can't yet say it
but i can damn well sing it
two thousand different ways
say you what you mean to me
in the breaths between what words i harmonize
i'm sorry i can't say it
because it's not true for all of me yet
and i seldom ever lie
give me some time
to catch up with the part of me that sings
because she knows
she knows you
she knows you better than any song
she knows the curve of your lashes by heart
and that's all fine and well
until you've cried for the first time in years
and she won't let you look away
she won't let you hide that one thing from her
because she thinks one thing means everything
and you can't disagree
the me that sings has held you before
before our hands ever touched
kissed you before we shared cigarettes
assuaged your fears before i owned a weapon
i still don't, technically
i have no use for blades, guns when i know
eyes cut and fingers split skin
and you will know it soon too
you'll beg me to define reality
tears lie in wait for the moment
nothing makes sense
:iconlittle-supernova:little-supernova 4 4
When you leave me for the last and final time,
you say you will call soon. We will talk tomorrow,
you are sure. We are fundamentally still the same people
who could never have imagined a life without the other.
When you leave me for the final time,
all I do is hug you again, hard,
because this is the precise moment I learn
that you cannot wish something into
existence simply by wanting it enough.
You will not call me. I will not visit you.
Something between us has changed with the distance,
something that refuses to stretch and instead
breaks across the country leaving grooves in the earth,
deep and heartbreakingly, dangerously beautiful.
I hug you harder. You hug me back.
This is all we have left to give each other.
I hope, quietly and to myself, that further on
down the road, you will meet someone to fall in love with
and you will wake every morning missing
no one but the dog you had when you were seven.
And I want you to hold onto that ache because it’s a good one
and because
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 35 3
two sides to me,
one shining bright,
and one you'll never see.
:iconthemaninroomfive:themaninroomfive 56 31
I see my years passing me by like the seconds counting up as we have this conversation, did you notice them tracing around each hand picked syllable?
 And they are as meaningless to me as this moment in time is probably to you. Why should I waste my seconds on anything that doesn't mean something?
No, better question: why should I waste yours?
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  • Playing: counting to infinity
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moonlit-daydream's Profile Picture
A. Whisper
Artist | Varied
United States
Sometimes I miss the way I was.
The way I could make myself unseen,
the way I could make my bed with shadows
and curl up into nothingness.

It was a comfort,
being hollow and invisible.
Living in the ethereal,
in moonbeams and faerie dust,
sleeping in sunshine
and dining on whispers and passing thoughts.

I remember...
I could build walls out of nothing but aire.
I could make leaves dance at a wave of my hand.
I could feel the earth drink up the rain as my skin would.
I could sing without sound and resonate with silence.
I had the night in a box and the stars affixed to my fingertips.

I had all this,
but now-
I am too real,
too substantive,
too used,
too scarred,
too opaque,
too alive.

¬ A.Whisper


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