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Sitting here looking upon you as I would a photo of an old friend,
drinking cranberry juice that is mostly diluted with water and
thinking of how long it has been since I picked up a pen,
while a green tea flavored hard candy slowly melts away,
the flavors mingling together.

How many days gone by that I could of been with sky and stars,
amid sparrows and ravens who know what it is to be empty-boned,
breathing in oak forests and dreams of galaxies in static and
making me feel lighter than the sun simmered air in summer.

No amount of paint on my hands or sugar on my face or
darkness for my tired eyes would compensate for the
softer ways we go cruising down this path together.

And though you may not know me the way you know them,
you know me in all the ways that really matter.

And I am glad to know you.
  • Listening to: Koven - Another Home
  • Reading: Infinity Rises by S. Harrison
  • Watching: Kurzgesagt
  • Playing: 1024
  • Eating: Balis Best green tea latte
  • Drinking: cranberry juice
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Submitted on
June 2, 2016


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